Operation Remember Us

(Texas Hearts, Book 2)

The bullet didn’t take his life.

It took his memories.

Andrea Cole’s life shattered the night of her husband’s shooting. Although not fatal, the incident left him unable to retain new memories—until a medical breakthrough offers them a glimpse of hope.

Preston Morgan has a ten-year gap in his memory. Even more distressing, a cold, no-nonsense soldier he’d trained with in the Army is at his hospital bedside—except the way she makes him feel now is anything but cold. She makes him laugh, and heaven help him, she makes him want.

Andi promises the doctor she won’t force Preston’s recovery by just telling him of their past—but only for one month. Yet, as they grow close again, keeping their marriage a secret eats at her.

And it doesn’t help that there’s a snaggletooth little boy at home, desperate to meet a father he’s never truly known.

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“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was heart felt and emotionally involving.” ~Tesh

“The emotions of the characters reached right from the page into me and I found myself trying to read this as quickly as I could to see if everything went the way it should.” ~Ashley

“Great story! First the title grabbed me, then the first page grabbed me. There was never a time I was bored reading Andi and Preston’s story.” ~Natalie Murphy

“Preston’s emotions are so raw and real it was easy to love him as a MC.” ~Brenda Stallworth

“This is a military romance that will grab your ❤️ heart!” ~Jennifer Meyer