Legal Trouble

(Texas Hearts, Book 1)

What do love and arson have in common? Both have the potential to turn Emma Morgan’s world to ash.

Falling for a client–especially the sinfully sexy CEO of Whitlow Group–might not be the dumbest career move Emma’s ever made, but it certainly makes her Top Five List. When Noah Whitlow toys with women, it’s either for a headline or a good time, and she’s had enough drama in her life.

Emma’s smarts, sass, and salacious curves should be the last thing on Noah’s mind, especially with a potentially career-ending lawsuit to fight. She is Whitlow Group’s attorney, their defender in court–and the star of his fantasies.

As the line between client and attorney blurs, a family power struggle within Whitlow Group threatens Emma and Noah’s relationship, as well as the company’s future.

Past sins unearthed.

If Emma can’t get to the bottom of the plot against Noah, their love won’t be the only thing to go up in flames.

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“I absolutely devoured this book! I needed more and I got more with this one. The push and the pull, the whirlwind of emotions and over all just everything about this book was good!” ~Di

“What a great mix of romance, drama, and a little suspense.” ~Rellim Reads

“There is never a dull moment in this fast-moving and fabulously plotted story, there is plenty of drama, relationship, workplace and family, a touch of angst, some surprising twists and turns, heartwarming moments, heartfelt emotions, and a steamy romance.” ~Bette

“The story is beautiful and heartwarming and [Staci Warren] handles mental health issues so superbly and tactfully that those of us with mental health struggles can relate to and can’t help but to be drawn to each character and the honest and sincere way they battle their own demons while doing their best to not only survive their trauma and the damages caused by it, but to also thrive and create a life of happiness and success with great family and true friends. Yeah, that was a super long sentence, lol, but every word is true, and I don’t have the heart to edit any of it out.” ~Arabella Auberon

“Fast paced, exciting plot and a wonderful romance, who could ask for more?” ~Patty

“…what a great start to a new series…” ~Jean

“Noah and Emma are both great characters and I enjoyed being a fly on the wall as they faced their pasts and got to know each other…” ~TRICIA

“I enjoyed this book on an emotional level!” ~Nicolette

“Staci has such a great way of describing settings that you are able to experience everything along with the characters.” ~Kailee Saunders

“Noah and Emma’s relationship was a testament to personal growth working together to allow a couple to thrive.” ~Ashley

“An impeccable journey between two souls that I personally just adored to the fullest.” ~Abigail

This is a great story about taking back yourself and being who you were meant to be.” ~Phyllis Wolford

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