Let’s talk kissing books! 💋

Let’s talk romance book tropes. What’re your faves and what’re your auto passes.

For me (and choosing is so, SO hard!), my fave romance trope is Friends to Lovers. Two people who have known each other forever when suddenly (or slowly) something changes.

A look across the room flicks something in the brain.

An everyday hug has the heart rate unexpectedly ticking up, up, up.

A brush of the hand has every brain cell on the fritz.

Yes, yes, and yes, please.

As for auto passes, I’m not sure I have one. That said, there is one trope that always leaves me weary: enemies to lovers.

DON’T AT ME 😂😂😂 and let me explain.

When done well, this trope can be glorious! (I’m looking at you The Hating Game.) But so often, the emotional turnaround just isn’t there for me.

Usually, the author sets up a world in which, yeah, I hate that lousy, no-good “hero,” too. I revel in the heroine’s feelings, but then, her feelings for him just change. But internally, I’m screaming, “But he sabotaged that project you’d been working on for years! You’re too good for him, Queen!”

Then, I throw the book across the room. 📚📚📚

Come on, we’ve all been there. 😜😂

Now, it’s your turn. I’ve told you mine; you tell me yours.

Let’s talk kissing books! 💋

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